We're always looking for quality vintage and professional band instruments. In particular:

Bassoons: German (especailly Heckel, Puechner and Schreiber) and Fox

Professional flutes: (Powell, Haynes, Muramatsu, Brannen, Sheridan, Louis Lot, Bonneville, Godfroy, Boehm & Mendler, Prima Sankyo, Pearl, etc...)

Saxophones: Selmer (Paris) all models and sizes (especially "Mark VI"),

Buescher "400" model, number under 345,000, or straight altos,

Conn, serial number under 500,000, espec. tenors, baris, F-mezzo sopranos, "Conn-O-Sax", curved and straight sops, and basses.

King, "Super 20" models, or early "Zephyr Special" models, "Saxellos"

Martin, "Committee-The Martin" and "Magna" models

Any odd or unusual American saxophones, Sarrusophones,

older saxophone mouthpieces by Otto Link, Meyer, Selmer, Dukoff, etc...

French horns: (Alexander, Kruspe, Paxman, (pref. Elkhart) Conn 8D, Holton Farkas, Lechniuk, Reynolds, King, etc...)

Oboes and English horns: wood and professional quality (Loree, Marigaux, other French makers, Laubin and Fox)

Clarinets: (especially Buffet R-13 model, Selmer (Paris), LeBlanc, Conn (444N and 424N)), bass clarinets (Buffet, LeBlanc, Selmer)

Trumpets: Bach "Strad" (especially Mt. Vernon and NY models, but also Elkhart), King H.N. White (Silvertone model), Schilke, Martin ("Committee" or "Magna"), Conn "Connstellation" or other Elkhart, Olds (Recording, Mendez, or Opera), Monette, Rudy Muck, Parduba, Monke, Thein, Selmer (Paris), and Callichio.

Trombones: Bach "Strad" (especially Mt. Vernon and NY models, but also Elkhart 36, 36B, 42, 42B, 50B etc...), King H.N. White (Silver bell, especially "Silvertone" or "Silversonic"), "Elkhart" Conn (8H, 88H, or 48H), Olds (Opera, Recording, etc...), Williams, or most German trombones (Kruspe, Heckel, Laetzch, etc...)

Tubas: professional (pref. German, Swiss or Yamaha with 4/5 rotary/piston valves)

Professional quality European and American violins: (preferrably under 358mm (14 1/16" back length) (E.H. Roth and other), violas, celli, string basses, bows

Odd and Unusual instruments: (no accordians, organs, or keyboards please)

Marimbas, Vibraphones, Xylophones: (Musser, Deagan, etc...) with rosewood bars

American made guitars, mandolins and basses: electric and acoustic (Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, Rickenbacker., etc.) 

If you have an instrument you would like to sell, E-mail or FAX is the best way. Please give me a full description of your instrument including:

 lacquer or silver plate condition and originality, and amount worn off (%)

serial number including any letters in the number

overall condition (dents, dings, scratches)

what it says on the bell of the instrument (if applicable)

type of keywork (if applicable)

original mouthpiece and case?

condition of valves, if applicable

PRICE (most important)

If a wood instrument, are there any cracks in the body?

We pay top prices for these instruments, but obviously, we cannot pay a retail price for them. All of our instruments that we take in are fully reconditioned by us, so please take this into account when giving us your price. We do take some types of instruments on consignment. Please call, fax or e-mail if you have anything!

Please don't call or e-mail us and ask us what something is worth and please don't call us on our 800 line and try to sell us something. Please do call, fax or e-mail at the numbers below. Obviosly, we can't see it over the telephone and unfortunately we don't give appraisals. We cannot help you if you call, fax or e-mail us with a description of your instrument and ask us "What's this worth?". In some instances, we can give you a written appraisal for a small fee. Also we kindly ask that if you're trying to sell us something that you pay for the call. Thank you!


If you have an instrument to sell, and we're not interested at that time, we may be interested in taking your instrument on consignment. If you are interested in this, we ask that you notify us before you ship it to us. We request that the instrument be in the best physical and playing condition possible. We may be able to arrange for some repairs if we're not too back-logged with our own repairs.

Basically, we take your price, and add at most 20% for our profit to get the selling price. If your instrument is more expensive often we can work out a lower percentage for our consignment rate. Of course, keep in mind that a lower price would possibly bring a quicker sale. After the instrument sells, we will send you a company check. All of our consignments we advertise in our shop, in a number of periodicals, and on our web page at http://www.wichitaband.com. Our web page has received considerable interest both in the U.S. and internationally. Your instrument would be featured on one of our used instrument pages, complete with digital photo, if time allows. We would take full responsibility for the instrument while it is in our possession, and would insist on full payment in advance for anyone wanting to try the instrument. We can ship your instrument back to you at any time, and we only request that you pay for the shipping charges.

Thank you for your interest in selling an instrument through us!



We’re sure that you’ll agree that it’s not possible to put a value on a musical instrument without our being able to inspect it. Before we can appraise an instrument we will need to see it. We cannot give appraisals over the phone or in response to a written request until we are able to see the instrument.

The value of wind instruments is determined by who made the instrument, by condition, age, whether the case and mouthpiece are original, and by how much the original finish has been worn. “Mint” or “pristine” instruments are those which are few in number, and always have a premium value. Instruments that have sustained repairs, have worn valves or keywork, or have replacement cases always have a lower value.

Stringed orchestral instrument values are determined by the maker (internationally recognized certificates are necessary for better instruments), the size of the instrument, and whether it has sustained damage.

Any instrument which has belonged to a famous musician or historical figure has a premium value, provided there is a legitimate written documentation.

We’re happy to provide you with our typed appraisal of value. Those wishing to utilize our services are requested to send each instrument in a separate box, well packed to prevent damage, and to ship prepaid and insured to us by UPS or registered mail. We will carefully inspect the instrument, type our opinion of value, pack and return the instrument to you. As the time required for this service averages something over one hour for each item, our fee is $50.00 plus $9.50 for return shipping and insurance for smaller instruments.


Wichita Band Instrument Co.

FAX 316-684-6858

Phone 316-684-0291


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