Why should you rent from us instead of the "other guys"???

"Rent-to-buy" plans work well for beginners. But be careful! Several of the shops who rent instruments insist on a three or four month minimum. We think it's unethical! "One month at a time" is our policy!

Check the monthly rental fees, too. Are there any "hidden extras" that the other shops stick on top of the monthly rent? At our shop, there are never any "hidden extras", never have been, never will be! And our rental fees are FAR less expensive than the other shops.

In business since 1953 as musical instrument specialists! Nine full-time repair persons are here, just to make certain your budding musician gets the very best service possible! And if your kid's saxophone gets run over by a car, we're here to fix it fast, fix it right and (for the first 2 years anyhow...) fix it for free!

Take a few minutes to call us before you go to the display at school (if your school has one), and you'll be glad that you did. You are NOT obligated to rent or purchase a musical instrument from the company that comes out to your school!

Just an example of how we can SAVE YOU MONEY on the rental of a band instrument:

New clarinets, flutes, trumpets and trombones starting at $22.95/month
New alto saxes for $39.95/month
New violins and violas for $22.95/month
Other instruments available for rent as well. Tenor saxes, cellos, French horns, baritone horns, oboes, piccolos, etc...

Used and rental return instruments available for even less!

High quality, director recommended instruments. Band instruments by Conn-Selmer, Orchestra instruments all European made.

Convenient automatic billing

Free loaner instruments available while instrument is repaired

Free pick up and delivery to Maize, Goddard and Andover schools for repairs (other schools please check with your band director or school administrators to see if we can get this service started for your school!)

And, the lowest outright purchase prices around!

Just a few examples...

NEW Conn-Selmer Prelude Flute $469.50
NEW Conn-Selmer Prelude Clarinet $469.50
NEW VITO Clarinet (Made in the USA) $695.00
NEW Conn-Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone $959.50
NEW Conn-Selmer Prelude Trumpet $539.50
NEW King Trumpet (Made in the USA) $699.00
NEW Conn-Selmer Prelude Trombone $599.50
New King Trombone (Made in the USA) $749.00
NEW Ludwig LE-2483R Drum/Bell kit with rolling bag. $489.50
NEW Georgenyi Calimani solid wood European made violin outfit, $479.50
NEW Georgenyi Calimani solid wood European made viola outfit, $479.50
NEW Georgenyi Calimani solid wood European made cello outfit, $1449.00
New String Bass outfit, $1095.00

Used and rental return instruments available for even less!


Wichita Band Instrument Co.

2525 E. Douglas Ave.

Wichita, KS 67211

FAX 316-684-6858

Phone 316-684-0291


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